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Security Awareness - A critical component of your security program

The best way to make sure company employees will not perform costly errors regarding information security is to have a security awareness program in place. PenTest-Hub can help your organization in achieving this goal.

Security Awareness Training Overview

Security awareness training is a formal process for educating employees about computer security. A good security awareness program will help employees learn more about policies and procedures, be aware of the real-world threats and gain the ability to spot and stop any malicious attempt that could cause damage to company assets, reputation and avoid financial loss. Throughout this course, participants will learn about the industry best practices, policies and procedures and their important role in identifying and preventing attacks.

Target audience

This security awareness training is addressed to all companies, regardless of their activity – outsourcing, financial, healthcare, etc. The training should be mandatory for the new employees during the induction process and should be reviewed by all company employees at least once a year to refresh their knowledge about any potential security breaches.

Course Outline

The course contains 11 chapters and covers all areas that can expose security breaches, from tailgating and physical security to credentials security and social engineering.

The below list represents the topics of the training:

  Access Control, Tailgating and Clear Desk
  Internet Usage and Social Media (Business and Personal)
  Information Handling and Information Classification
  Information leakage
  Phishing and Malware Threats
  Social Engineering
  Securely Working from Outside the Office
  Mobile Device Security
  Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  Credentials Security
  Information Security Incidents Reporting